Monday, November 16, 2015

We love cozy winters!

Why people love Cozy Winters? Well it would be no question needed to be ask if we will ask any children about winter. Children love winter and that is a fact. The snow is the most exciting part of winter.  But for us adult, winter is Christmas.  And Christmas is when we have a get-together with our family, relatives and friends.  This is also the part of the year food cravings are acceptable allowed.  And it would be the only season when you wear winter fashion clothes while walking on the street.

I love winter fashion!  Winter clothes for me are the only clothes that is fashionable whatever color and texture it may be.  And let us not forget about the boots.  Also, it is like you wear long and all-covered-up clothes outside and even inside ones home, and you would not even sweat even a single drop.  Make-ups also perfectly stays because of the cold atmosphere.

Winter is fashion season!
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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Video: Xbox - Rise of the Tomb Raider

Rise of the Tomb Raider
Discover the Legend Within

Buy this Xbox game this holiday 2015 season. Exclusive for Canada.

Watch the game video here.
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My Belkin Wishlist

This Christmas and the coming New Year, I wish to get cool gadget accessories!  It is time to upgrade our gadgets with the best charger and accessories.  And when I say "best", it should be Belkin.

This would be the best Christmas gift ever!

Here's my top 5 most wanted Belkin products:

(click the image for a larger view)

1. Belkin Single 2.1A USB Car Charger with 4' Lightning Cable (Black)

iPad is a must whenever my family go anywhere, be it near or far.  We'll never know when we would need the guide of a digital map.  And a digital map does not have any use with a dead battery gadget.  We actually need a high quality USB car charger to make sure our travel is smooth.  We do not use low quality charger because it might cause damage to our gadgets.  And by the way, we all know that only gadgets would calm down a super upset kid.

2. Belkin Mixit 4000mAh Power Pack (Pink)

I am an online seller.  I am a mom.  I am a networker.  I am always on the go.  Seriously, my mobile phone's battery does not last long a day.  I had experienced using power banks.  But it only caused damage on the battery of my mobile phone.  I now believe that an "okay" power bank is not good.  It should be the best.  If you are going to ask, "Why pink?"  Well that's my favorite color!

3. Belkin Mixit 4 Feet 90 Degrees Lightning to USB Cable (Black)

My toddler watch her favorite educational shows on iPad.  And sometimes when the gadget is still charging, she'll just unplug the gadget so she'll get hold of it.  If we only have a longer cable...

4. Dual Swivel Charger with Lightning to USB Cable

Who doesn't have a total of multiple gadgets nowadays?  Dad, mom and sometimes even the kids have their own gadgets. I am sure you had experience the "scarcity" of good working sockets at home. Imagine you can charge 2 gadgets in just one socket.  That's what I need.  And with its sleek and small size, it's so handy to bring anywhere.  Coffee shop, laptop and smartphone low battery...

5. Belkin MIXIT Up 2.1A USB Home Charger (Gold)

Even if there's the Belkin Dual Swivel Charger, a classic home charger is a must.  That's why I will also need one.

If you are someone like me, a business person, with kids, needs a map during travel, and cares about the gadgets I own, do check Belkin at Lazada at .  Use only high quality products for your beloved gadgets.

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Blood-Inspired Perfume

Blood Concept is a brand of perfume that is inspired by the scent of the human blood O, A, B and AB.  What's cool is that two Italians own the brand.  Italy = Vampire.  Yeah, but sorry.  The perfume does not really contain any blood.

They have the red series, black series and the upside down series.  The red series and the black series are the 4 blood scents.  The upside down is the XL and PH.

You can check their website at .
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Taking Gifting to the Next Level

It's going to be Christmas soon.  Doesn't all of us do have a Christmas wish?  Some of us might not say it out laud, but deep in our heart, we got wishes and pray that God would make it come true.  Or maybe Santa :)

I do have a wish list this Christmas.  I wish for more sales on my Lucky Cow Shop.  I got lots of financial problems right now.  And I am holding on on my online shop.  This is my only hope to earn money.

I also wish for great and wonderful future on my Leo business.  This is my future.  I have long term plans with this company.

I also want a new smartphone.  Maybe it is time to have a new smartphone.  I use my mobile phone mainly for my online shop.  My mobile phone is already holding the end of the rope. A few more push and it would be broken.  I wish, I wish, I wish for a new Android smartphone.

And of course, I wish for good health for myself and for all the people I love and close to me.  I thank God that every year, we are healthy and are able to cope with health-related challenges especially with the kids.  Without good health, everything would be very complicated.

But it is Christmas and it would be cool to give something to the people I love.  For my mother, sisters and female friends, I would be giving them this cute little powder bottle.  It is so cute, useful and unique.  It's so small that it would save a lot of space on your purse.  Smaller than your palm!

beabi powder bottle

For my brother and male friends, I will be giving them those mini plastic brick assembly toys.  Something that look like this.

And since it is Christmas, it would also be great to give to others who we actually is not related to, and do not really know who they are.  To put a smile on the face of others would ease our own pain.  I actually have a plan to donate money to a foreign foundation wherein I am a member myself.  This foreign foundation continuously help us in times of calamities, and help sponsor kids to go to school.   As a member, I need to contribute money as a donation.  It is just a few amount of money (more than a thousand Pesos, lower than 2,000 Pesos) that goes to people in need.  But I do not think I am ready for the "serious" donating.

Aside from money, there are other ways of giving to other people we do not know.  Christmas is specifically celebrated grandly for the kids.  But there are unfortunate ones who are not able to feel the love of parents.  SM created the SM Christmas Bears of Joy for the reason of giving children in the orphanage and in the charitable institutions the smile that they deserve.  When you buy a teddy bear, you'll make one kid happy.  And you got to keep a bear for you.

This year, SM has a treat for everyone.  Give your family and friends some treats with SM's holiday basket.  With just 350 Pesos, we'll make the whole family (ours and our friends') enjoy food each other.  That's how us Filipinos celebrate Christmas.  But if choose to buy a beauty set for your girl friends, Watsons have those sets for as low as 99 Pesos, beautifully packed perfect as Christmas gift.  This would be great for your female officemates.  Beauty sets never go wrong with the girls.

And again, Christmas is a very important season for the kids.  Let us give our kids new shoes to wear, and accessories for the new year.  It's the perfect season to shop for the kids too because SM would have a grand sale of up to 50% on selected items.

For more updates about this year’s “Merry SM Christmas” campaign, visit SM’s official Christmas microsite ( and follow its official social media accounts at Facebook (, Twitter (, and Instagram (; and get an insider access to all the fun happenings at SM Supermalls nationwide through Viber ( Shoppers can actively share their holiday merriments inside the SM Supermalls by posting their photos on social media and adding the hashtag.

#MerrySMChristmas2015 #SeasonOfGifting

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