Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Speaking of drawer slides...

If you got a heavy duty table and cabinet with drawers, I guess you do not have any problem with opening and closing your drawers. But in my situation, I got a table and a cabinet with one drawer each that I can not open and close properly! Well, I got the table and cabinet free from other people. But still, the drawer in the cabinet is really broken. We do not put anything from that drawer anymore. Then about the drawer in the table, there are a lot of things there. But I need to lift it up when closing the drawer. The drawer slide on one side is broken.

I do not know before.  But when buying a table and cabinet, or anything that comes with drawers, one need to check how heavy duty the drawer slides are.  It's like checking not just the outer and inner parts of the car, but also the engines.  Now I know.   Just make sure something like those hettich drawer slides are attached before consider buying the table or cabinet.
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Dr. Pepper Softdrinks

I am so addicted to Dr. Pepper Softdrinks. I have tried the cherry flavor. But sorry, I like the original one.  We bought Dr. Pepper at S&R.  My kids love this softdrinks.  Even my baby loves it.  I am not a softdrink drinker (because of my age).  But if there is one Dr. Pepper, I would give myself a break and have one to satisfy myself.  I guess a can won't hurt?  Yes.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Amplified Subwoofer

Boost your music with a amplified subwoofer. Where to buy? Subwoofers are usually available in musical instrument shops. There are also a lot of online shops selling musical instruments. First, select a shop that is specifically selling musical instruments. Then among those shops, make sure you inquire and buy from those big ones. They are the once with good warranty service. They can also assist you on what subwoofer is best.

And also, make sure you check user reviews that is easy to search on the internet.  You would have a hint via those comments whether which subwoofer is best for you.
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I do not actually know why I am seenzoned. Well okay I am offering things that I think would help them also. But it is okay. I have showed them the output. I have showed them what might interest them. But I guess they can not even say the words "Not interested." Even if I ask them to inform me if they do not really like what I shown them, still I am seenzoned.

Anyway, it's okay. I really appreciate those who actually told me that they are not interested. Those who had told me that they are not interested, if one day they felt like trying what I am doing right now, I would be very happy to assist them. But to those who just seenzoned me, well you are also welcome, but I would expect you would work it out after I give you the information.
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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Petal Pushers Fancies

For babies and adults, Petal Pushers Fancies has all the health and beauty related products that are safe and natural. After all, that is what we need and what we want. They offer a lot, and I mean a lot of products like moisturizers and lots of soaps of different scents and uses, to mustache wax and health-promoting oils, I can not say they do not have what we need. And those are just some of what they have in store for everyone.

So if you are like everyone who loves the good effect of natural products, plus buying necessary products that are packed in an eco-friendly way, then try and check out petal pushers fancies. Hard to find items can be found on their store. So I am sure you would find then really useful.
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