Friday, November 25, 2016

OPPO F1s Selfie Filter

OPPO stands out when it comes to selfies.  Believe me, I should know.  I am an Oppo user!

So, what does it take for a mobile phone to be considered as a "selfie expert"?  Capturing selfies makes you use of the front camera.  The quality of the image it captures will depend on the front camera specification, plus the additional technical features that would make a selfie image perfect even in dark scenery.

oppo f1s

The OPPO F1s has it all.  It boasts a 16 MP front beauty camera, producing a high quality eye-catching beautiful selfie image.  It has a 1/3.1-Image Sensor that allows more light to enter the camera, enhancing its sensitivity producing a natural-looking selfies even in low-light condition.

oppo f1s

And adding up the drama, OPPO F1s introduces seven (7) beautiful filters to spice up the mood.

oppo f1s
I love the Soft Filter the most.  It gives the natural look and beauty.  I would use that filter always!  Pictures taken with the Soft Filter looks relax and "soft" in the eyes.  So I guess that is where the filter got its name.

To all who are into simple but classy, OPPO F1s is now available in limited edition space gray.
oppo f1s
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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

True Deli Cafe

I just discovered True Deli Cafe and why it serves it's purpose as a modern cafe. Why just now!

Typically when one goes back to a cafe or to a coffee shop, it would be either because of the food, the ambiance, the peacefulness-feel, the sockets where you can charge your tech stuff, or the fad.  It can be one of those reasons, or a combination of those.  True Deli Cafe will make you go back there because of all the reasons, except that it's not a fad to go there.

Who cares about the fad thing!  What I want in a coffee shop or cafe with sockets where I can charge my mobile phone (very important in my line of business), not too crowded (all seats can be full, but won't make the whole cafe like a can of sardines, and the ambiance.  And the food too of course!

My the way, True Deli Cafe is located just below MRT GMA-Kamuning, on the side going to south.

Their menu is cool :) words in Tagalog.

true deli cafe

My salad.
true deli cafe

My calamansi, less the margarine.  Yes, it should have margarine.  The waitress seems to noticed I am "distress" with the word "margarine".
true deli cafe

I will be back True Deli Cafe.  See you soon!
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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Ajinomoto, Thank You for the Gift Pack!

I would like to say thank you for the gift pack Ajinamoto!!! I really didn't thought that Ajinamoto has lots of different products. I didn't know yhey have powdered juice. I guess I am not just the only one, right?

So on my Ajinomoto gift pack:
  • 1 pc Umami Seasoning (100 grams).  Yes, you read it right.  100 grams!
  • 4 pcs Aji-Shio Seasoning Mix (6 grams)
  • 2 pcs Pork Savor Seasoning Mix (8 grams)
  • 2 pcs Ginisa Flavor Seasoning Mix (7 grams)
  • 6 pcs Sinigang Cubes (13 grams)
  • 4 pcs Chicken Powder Mix (10 grams)
  • 1 pc Tasty Boy All Purpose Breading Mix (70 grams)
  • 1 pc Crispy Fry Seasoned Crumbs 
  • 1 pc Amino FRES-C Orange powdered juice (30 grams)

So again, Ajinomoto, thank you very much!

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Friday, November 18, 2016

Lucky Chinatown Christmas Decoration 2016

Lucky Chinatown decorated the mall for Christmas 2016 with an Asian touch!  Talk about literally putting the mall's culture to it' Christmas decoration.  I love the Chinese lantern. I love the snow flakes. I love the wreath. The wreath!!!  Yes, it's pink and silver, a very good color combination.  The whole idea about the color, the design and simplicity relaxes my mind everytime I see those hanging high up.

lucky chinatown christmas decoration 2016
lucky chinatown christmas deco 2016
lucky chinatown xmas decoration 2016
lucky chinatown christmas decoration 2016

Other malls can have more complicated designs.  But my favorite is this one.  Simple and classy, this is my type of Christmas decoration.
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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

TV, Movies and Games Streaming Device at Groupon #Groupon #ad #spon

I am so excited to level up to a more entertaining way to make me stay home and love the sofa! I am talking about the channels I watch on our TV set. It was one of the first things on the subscription list of ours, to get a TV cable connection. So aside from the local TV channels, we're able to browse on different channels with a broad choices of cartoons, sports, news, entertainment. Talk about the language of the channel. The kids watch English cartoons channels. My husband watch Chinese channels. And I on the other hand, would watch either English or Chinese channels, as long as it is a movie channel.

I love watching films. But the TV cable company doesn't really offer that much movie channels. Adding more movie channels would cost me to pay an additional per month. And it doesn't mean that I would like to watch any of the movies shown on one of the movie channels. Trust me, I have already tried a different technique to get a lot of channels and I usually end up watching the news. I am not a picky one. There are just movies that do not click with me.

I heard of this Netflix and Hulu Plus, and some other streaming movie channels. I'm so interested. There's nothing more comfortable as a "me time" to seat on the sofa, press on the TV remote, and watch your "movie choice of the day".  I am into a no-schedule type of business. I have three online shops selling different kinds of products. My mobile phone has been my business companion since I became an online seller. And during that "me time", I want it to be special on my very way.

I started checking on the internet and found this Roku Streaming Stick. It's a wireless streaming device where you can access Netflix, HBO GO, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, with more than 1,000 channels available. It also comes with a remote controller.
Roku Streaming Stick

I found it on Groupon Goods at a discounted price.

Anyway, I saw a lot of different cool, unique and interesting products in Groupon. There are just so many products to check in and select to. Christmas holiday is nearing and I now know what gift I'll give to myself! Guess what :)  I am sure you know what I want.

I will also check on the toys section of Groupon for my kids. I am virtually drooling on so many products I love to get for them.  It can actually not be toys for them.  There are a lot of items for kids that I am sure they would love.

If you have just discovered Groupon from this post, and wants to check on the wide range of products available, you may check the them at the following:



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