Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Cabinet Organizers are Wonderful!

How wonderful are cabinet organizers? I am always fascinated with how amazing organizers organizes everything. For the very organize person, to the so messy type of person, these cabinet organizers works wonders! It just makes everything in the right place, in the correct position, without the busy person having an effort just "throw that thing in there". Open the cabinet, place it, close the cabinet, run!  Well I do not really mean to throw the things literally.  Organizers also saves time.

I actually saw someone with their kitchen on those set-up.  I am so envious!  Their kitchen looks so clean.  Life is so much easier when every is organized.
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Friday, January 16, 2015

Nail Accessory Glitter Sticker

Nail glitter stickers are a fun way to give life to your nails.  Your nails would not only look accessorized, but it kind of glitter!  The good thing is, nail glitter stickers does not fade.  I love sticking nail glitter on my toe nails, but not on my finger nails.  Just like nail polish, nail glitters also wears out when we wash clothes and wash the dishes.

Nail Accessory Glitter Sticker
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String Swing Guitar Wall Hanger

Got guitar? You know how it is to have a guitar and does not know where to place it at home. On the sofa? On the bed? On the... table? Of course not on the dining table. If you can only hang it in the wall...

Yes, you can actually hang your guitar on the wall. You not only save space when you are able to hang your guitar on the wall, you also is like displaying your musical instrument just like those diploma and pictures hanged on the wall.

If you thing you would like to buy a guitar wall hanger, you can check string swing.

Guitar Wall Hanger
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Mint maong sleeveless two-tone tops

And no... I am not sexy.  My son even told my that I am so fluffy!  But what the heck!  Okay.  Today I am showing you my Mint maong sleeveless two-tone tops.  It can be partnered to any kind of pants.  That's what I love about this tops.  But when partnered with an A-skirt, and with the maong tops tucked-in, I look like someone who got warped to the future.

mint maong top
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Jewelry For The Love Month

Love month is coming. Have you any gift for your special someone? Girls are usually crazy when guys give them a special gift like a jewelry. I am not saying that girls love jewelries that so much. But we (I am a girl) believe that a guy does not always give a jewelry to a girl. Therefore, a jewelry symbolizes the intention of the guy to be "real".

love ring

If you are looking for something that symbolizes ones true love to the other, you may check at .
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