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Saturday, April 8, 2017

It's Better With Bubbleman!

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Spoiler Alert: Leaves no smell on the plates!  Product testing of Bubbleman below :)

Yay!  This is is our Bubbleman diswashing liquid soap and I am so excited to test it.  What differs this from the others?  Well we got to try to know.

Bubbleman dishwashing liquid soap is available in three variants: Lemon, Kalamansi, and Antibac.

bubbleman dishwashing liquid

I got my complete set of the Bubbleman!!!  Bubbleman is by Mikewell Corporation.

Here's comes the test!  So, I decided to try the Antibac variant of Bubbleman. I am one of the guilty people who smells the newly washed plates, cups and other things, especially if those are for the kids' usage. Most of those "antibac" type of dishwashing liquid soaps leave a smell to the plates. What did I found out about Bubbleman? Plates does smell plates after washing using Bubbleman! There's no chemical or liquid soap smell on it.


Check out Bubbleman on their Facebook account at

And visit their Instagram account at bubblemanph.

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