Saturday, May 6, 2017

Taco Bell, Revamped!

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I know this sounds like an old thing. But maybe a lot of people aren't aware of the "revamped" of Taco Bell. And I think it's a very wise move of Taco Bell.

For me, Taco Bell is, well, Taco Bell. The food, the surroundings, it's all to familiar. You would go there just to eat and leave. The audience are just those who love what Taco Bell serves. But not the atmosphere (just my opinion).

The Gateway Cubao branch changes the mood from boring (eat then leave) to cozy. Of course, this is not a coffee shop so we can't compare Taco Bell to one :)

Here, I am sitting on the "deeper" part of the resto. High chair. All high tables have sockets where you can plug in to charge your mobile phone or use your laptop plugged in.

There's an electronic number sign so you don't need to worry about missing the calls of the staff for you to pick up your order.

Charging. Eating. Working. Yep that's me!

Those couches located on the sides, there are sockets.  I noticed the "before and after" effect of this. Professionals, networkers, sellers and the likes now goes to Taco Bell to dine and work, and do presentation to their clients. Unlike before.

Ah atlast! My food was serve!


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