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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Chickie Boy's Birthday Celebration at Max's Restaurant 2017

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We had a blast last August 5, 2017! It's Chickie Boy's Birthday Party! It's our first time to attend a birthday party on Max's Restaurant and all I can say is... more parties to attend at Max's for us!

The party was at Max's Restaurant Scout Tuazon Quezon City. I was amazed with the venue. It's a whole package!

The party itself + a stage (yes a stage where you or anyone can perform or act) + food and snacks + games  + giveaways = FUN 100%

My 4 year old kid really enjoyed the party. It's her first time to see Chickie Boy. After I took this photo, she quickly hug Chickie Boy. I wasn't prepared for it. I wasn't able to take a picture of that moment.

There's a video below too... See Chickie Boy dance :)

When we arrive, we got a Party Passport that entitles the kid to all the fun stuff! Just look at how big the venue is!

There's a juggler to entertain both adults and kids.

Ivy's wearing the crown we made. She played the Hit The Blocks and Dart A Balloon. She had fun! Although she had trouble on Shoot That Ball but still she made it!

Look at what she got :)

She also got a ball. She and the other kids got addicted on this area :)

There's a Princess! Every girl wants to be a princess. Ivy exclaimed "Wow" when she saw the beautiful Princess with the castle backdrop. Really, it's our first time to attend a party where you can take a picture with a princess. She is so happy. Of course, the mommy too.

What's a party without dessert?

Thanks for more food... Jamba Juice...

Krispy Kreme...

Yellow Cab Pizza...

And this!!! This is L-O-V-E...

Happy Ivy. Happy me!

We're also able to print our pictures by Phone2Prints. Amazing photo border and designs :) I love the quality of the print too. It's the what you see on your phone, that's what you get on the printed photo.

Food!!! There's a very happy kid...

Chickie Boy on stage! He danced with his gang. Watch it at the video below :)

Chickie Boy, the Princess, the Car Racer, the Juggler and the kids on the stage for a photo!

Thanks Chickie Boy and Max's Restaurant for the mini chair! My kid love it so much!

Here's the video I made about the party...

If you're child is having a party soon, try Max's Restaurant Kiddie Party Package. They have these cool theme for your kid.

Just look at the cakes!!!

I am sure your kid had already pick a theme!!!

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